Friday, 28 February 2014

Will not be long now,

 Well, it will not be long now, and we will all be out on the rivers. above is a nice shot of my mate Spencer John, putting out a line on the river Usk. and just after the photo was taken he landed a nice 13lb salmon, 
 Been very busy tying orders, above showing a set of flies tied on partridge salar's sizes 7, 9, 11 & 13s. all the photos below are of the flies tied on size 13s, Brian hope you like them.
 The Blue charm,
 Stoats tail,
 Ally shrimp,
 Willie Gunn,
 Also on Brian's order, willie gunn tubes 1" and 1/2" tubes.
 1" inch williegunn,
 1/2" inch williegunn,
 Above, another order of Elvers, for the river Spey. tied on my snake fly mounts two sizes 4"inch & 3" inch long, Paul hope you take more Spey salmon again this season.
 4" snake Elver,
 3" inch Elver,
 And again, 3" & 4" inch Elvers, with tungsten cone heads. 
 In between orders, i do try and tie a few for myself, these are a pattern i like a lot the Akroyd tied on Partridge single's size 5. a great pattern for both sewin and salmon,
 Red Akroyd,
 Orange Akroyd,
 Top view, showing the delta wing set up.
 Above, these pattern are going out well. the firetiger cascade right, and the Kinermony killer left.
 Firetiger cascade, 1" tube.
 Kinermoney Killer, 1" inch.
 I have also sent a lot out to Norway this last month, above the Garry Dog waddington shank.
 And my glow in dark Squirrel blue and silver off to Norway.
 And also my Black glow in dark snake, off to Norway. hope all three patterns fish well, 
 As you can see, my tying desk is a bit of a mess.
Think i will have to get the maid in, to sort out the floor :-)))

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