Sunday, 2 February 2014

Last flies before BFFI show.

 Well this is my last update before the British Fly Fair International show, still been playing with some classics. above a free style take on a spey fly, and one that still fishes very well these days despite being a old pattern. HERE IS LINK TO SHOW
 And above, showing how the wing of bronze mallard. should meet on top of the wing like a keel of a boat.
 Above, some of the flies that went out this last week,
 Above, the Kinermoney Killer, on a 1" inch Ally tube.
 Again another popular fly the last two seasons, my take on the cascade. the firetiger cascade,
 This fly as been flying out, the ever successful  Uskgrub salmon and sewin just love this one. tied on a size 14 Ian Drury treble.
 And above, my take of the Uskgrub on a 1" Ally tube. again a good fisher,
 Above, the two Uskgrub's together. size 8 & 14 Drury trebles and 1" tube's.
 Above, a set of size 10 & 12 doubles for the river Dovey.
 Above, a fly of mine that caught a lot of sewin on the river Towy, in the day and night.
 Again, same fly with out tail, still a good taking pattern day and night.
 Black with orange hot spot,
 Black with yellow hot spot, the two above fished well last year.
 And not to forget, the black and orange.
 Above, a set for the the river Towy.
 Yellow tailed Ally shrimp size 14.
 Red longshank, tied on Kamasan B800 size 6.
 Squirrel and royal blue, size 8 Kamasan B175.
 Black and yellow, Kamasan size 6 double.
 And my go to fly, the black and silver snake fly 1" long.
And this is a cracker, another go to fly for many salmon anglers. the Poshtosh tube 11/2" long tied with pearl head, will that it for this week. next weekend its the best show in the UK for fly tiers and fly fisherman the BFFI Show, cant wait to get there and catch up with a lot of my mates. and sure will make more as always,


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