Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Night and Day, & flies.

 One night i was out on the Junction pool, on the Abercothi estate. had to take a few photos as i could see the way the sky was colouring up. it makes fishing at night all worth it when you see sunsets like above,
 Above a colored fish, but still like them in full color. from the river Usk by my mate Ken Evans, how has had 18 salmon now to 17lb.
 Above a fish off the river Coquet, caught by my mate Spencer.
 Above, a order of orange and red flamethrowers. size 6 /8 & 10 doubles.
 Size 8 orange and red flamethrower.
 Above, A set of Kinermony killer on treble hooks, size 10 / 8 & 12
 The Kinermony killer, tied on size 8 treble.
 Above, still a popular fly, the Tyne Toucan tied on tube and double.
 Above, 1" tube and size 8 double Tyne Toucans.
 Above some Secret weapons, tied on size 4 kamasan size 4 B175 and size 12 treble stinger.
 Above, the Alrounder, 
 Above,Squirrel blue and silver.
 Above, Blackie.
 Above, some cone head Cascades, in 1" / 3/4" and 1/2".
 Above, 3/4" inch Cascade tube.
 Above, 1/2" inch Cascade.
 Above, and order of Ally shrimps, on doubles.
 Close up, Ally shrimp.

 Above, some of the colors i use in snake flies, tied on braid 2" inch long.
 Above, some of the secret weapons i use,
 Above, my royal blue secret weapon. size 6 kamasan B175 and size 14 treble.
 The Royal, a Patten of mine tied on kamasan B175 size 6.
 The Squirrel blue and silver, these flies with stinger hook. are great for short taking fish, 
Did get around to tying a few for myself, above the pattens i like to have in my boxes. the Kinermony killer. the tyne Toucan and the firetiger cascade, 
 Above, a order of wee doubles on size 10 / 12 and 14. 
 Close up of the size 14 wee double.
 Above, an order of Tyne Toucans, 1" tubes. these just catch ever river they go on.
 Some of the snake orders,
 Glow in the dark, with glow egg above hook.

And above, all black that i get asked for all the time. the ones above. all 13/4 " inch long,

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