Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fish and flies,

The fishing has been a bit patchy, but there have been some good fish about. if you read the weather and the water conditions, the fish stocks are low i know. but as i said if you know what you are doing, you will catch a few  fish. above is a cracking sewin caught by Jonathan Jones from the river Ogmore, fish was 371/2 inch long and could be 21lbin weight. plus returned to do her egg laying. well done done jj,
 Above, Dennis with a river Usk hen salmon of 15lb. this is one man who is catching well,
 Above, some 3/4" inch brass tubes, i also tied the same in Ally for the the customer. and below some of my blue elver tubes, tied on a 3/4" inch Ally tube.

 Above, the 3/4" inch brass cascade.
 Above, the Tyne Toucan 3/4" inch brass tube.
 Above, the Kinermony killer 3/4" inch tube.
 My mate Lewy fishing the river Taff, looking like he knows what he is doing. haha,
 Lewy hooking a fish, 
And the fish, a cracking brown trout.

 Above, a set of Usk grubs, tied for my mate John Davies who fishes the river why. hope you have a few today John,. 
 Close up of the Uskgrub, tied on a size 8 double.
 Some Cascades, tied on size 8 trebles, 
 Close up of the size 8 cascade,
 Some waddingtons, size 11/4" inch shank tied for a customer.
 Above, the williegunn waddington.
 Above, the Ally shrimp waddington.
 And above, the Cascade waddington, all three just catches.
 Above, some of the flies i have been using, and tying for customers, i call them firetiger cascades. the ones above are tied on 1" inch and 3/4" inch brass.
 And above, a river Towy salmon of 12lb 8oz which fell to the firetiger cascade. off the Abercoth estate water, in super condition and sea liced.
 Above, a close up of the 1" inch firetiger cascade.
 And close up of the 3/4" inch firetiger cascade.
 Some tube i tied up for myself, for night fishing on the river Towy. just easy to tie patterns.
 Above, the bagder and blue 11/2" inch Ally tube.
Black and orange, Ally tube 11/2" inch.
 Above, some secret weapons, tie with a single stinger hook. tied up for a customer,
 Black and silver, secret weapon. size 4 main hook and size 6 stinger.
 Squirrel and blue secret weapon,
 And above, some single hook snake flies, for the same customer of the secret weapons.
 And a close up of the snake, 11/2" inch long.
 Above is a set of flies and one of my boxes, for a customer in north Wales who fishes the river Dovey.
 Red and yellow,Cascade, size 9 partridge.
 Yellow flamethrower size 9 partridge,
 Stoat, tied on size 9 partridge .
 Silver Stoat, size 11 partridge double.
And the blue charm, tied on partridge size 11 double.

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