Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bala North Wales game fair,

 On my way home from the Bala game fair, had a look at the river Towy. and great it has had a lift of water, it still carried on lifting and now its dropping back. so will be down there in the morning, as i had a call off Cyril head bailiff. saying a good number of salmon and sewin were caught this morning. so will be down on the river at 5am cant wait,
 Last weekend i spent at the Bala Game fair, it's a show i tie every year. and have to say it gets better every year, and i meet up with my old mate Gwilym Hughes  and his lovely wife Shara. and i stay at there home, and we have a good chat in the night over a few beers/ wine. and a BRQ.and there is always a few others staying just a great get together, below you will see a few of the tiers at the show.
 Above, my good old mate Gareth Lewis, well known for his micro flies.
 My good old mate Gwilym Hughes, fine tier and casting instructor.
 Above, my old mate Trever Jones, tying some fine wet Irish may flies.
 Sue Morgan, tying her lovely resin buzzers.
 Dewi Williams, that man takes a great photo, 
 Sir Louis Noble, doing is bit helping out watchers.
 What can i say about this man, Paul with out you north Wales would come to a stop. 
 And above, Little lIan he is getting better with his tying. haha,
 And at the cast pool, Iwan and Trevor helping anglers with there casting.
 And at the show, some of the flies i tied up, above some DNA sandeel's.

 Above, a few close ups of the DNA sandeel's for the bass.
 Above, some DNA clousers, again for the bass.

And above, some Tyne Toucan's tied on size 10 doubles and size 10 trebles.

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