Monday, 10 June 2013

River Usk Salmon and and lots more.

 Hi Guys, Not up dated for a bit, my mate Ken Evans as been at it again. catch a good few springer salmon and a PB of 17lb, Ken has worked at it and its all paying for him. above Ken returning a 15lb springer. 
 Ken, with a spring about 9lb,
 Above, Ken's 17lb springer,
 Ken returning the smaller fish, he has had a good run of fish. but lost a very big fish but i am sure he is due one.,

 I myself have not been out on the river, been to busy tying but will get out soon. above is a set of sewin flies i did for a swap on Steff's forum sea trout at your fingertips, how i found the time to tie them i don't know.
 Close up of the swap fly, tied on a size4 long shank Daiichi.
 Here are some bottle tubes i tied up, to go to Scotland. all tied on a 9mm bottle tube,

 Above are close ups of the 9mm bottle tubes,

 Above a few tubes i tied for myself, always try a tie few to fill my boxes,

 Above showing close up of my tubes, these are tied on 1" and 11/4" copper tubes. love these for day fishing in colored water or clearing down water,
 Here above some wee doubles, that have gone up to Durham for on the river Tyne, and tied on Kamasan B270 doubles.
 Garry dog,
 Red cascade,
 Orange cascade,
 Yellow cascade,
 Kiley shrimp,
 Red flamethrower,
 Yellow flamethrower,
 Junction shrimp,
 Yellow junction shrimp,
 Ally shrimp,
 Red Ally shrimp,
 Yellow Ally shrimp,
 Ally shrimps tied on Trebles, sizes 6/8 and 10. gone over for a swim in Ireland.,
 Above a few Tyne Toucans, this pattern is still going strong. mostly going all over the palace and catch plenty,
 Above, Tyne Toucan, tied on a size 14 treble. 
 Above Snake flies secret weapons doubles and tubes.
And above, some more of the flies i have done over the last few weeks. which should be swing around the borders and down south, tube and snake cant post all the ties as there are to many. must get out soon again, this month will be tying at the British Fly Fair International fly fair. and then a few days fishing the rivers Tyne and Wear,

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