Thursday, 11 October 2012

River Usk salmon, & still at it.

 Well, my mates who use my flies, have been doing well on the river Usk,  Dennis above has been doing well this season, i think he is over twenty salmon this season. the one above is a lovely springer he caught in May,
 And again one from this week, i just love the look of these cock fish this time of year.
 And above above, Ken again with a nice cock fish yesterday 16lb. there have been lots about this weight this season, do think Ken is pushing twenty fish as well. 

 And my old mate Spencer, with one of his salmon. think he has had about 16 fish in the last few weeks,  sorry about the photo.
 And as you can see, as soon as i said i was stopping tying. to get on with my British Columbia flies, lots ringing me for flies. above a few of my ties that went out this week,  
 Above, 1/4" copper black & silver.
 And the Toucan, tied on a 1/2" bottle tube.
 And the waddingtons, in the group photo above my take on the cascade.
 Above, The Garrydog waddington.
 Black and red,
 Black and yellow,
 Above, my glow in the dark snake, loads have wanted this pattern. and its caught a lot of fish, it has a glow in the dark bead above the hook.
 Toucan cone head, 1" long. this fly in singles/ doubles and tubes have caught a lot of fish this season. this season for my customers, 53 fish over 20lb.
 Toucan, on a size 6 doubles.
 The 1/4" black & silver and 1/2" bottle tube, were sent to one of my north Wales customers. who also wanted one of my fly boxes.this one beech with oak burr,
 close up of box and flies,
 Well i have started on my BC flies, above three patterns i have been playing with.
 Above, my magenta & hot pink williegunn on a size 4.
 My take on the williegunn, on a size 6 single.
 And above, my take on the Junction shrimp again on a size 6.
And above, a fly i use a lot for the sewin. the  allrounder great fly for sewin and salmon, my next update will be some time next week. showing my BC flies, will not be long now. cant wait to wet a line and catch a fish, as i have not been out for about 8 weeks. nursing my ankle,

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