Monday, 8 October 2012

bass and salmon flies, tyings this week.

 This week it was nice to have a little change with my flies, above some bass flies tied on a size 4 kamasan B175. and below some of my other ties., this week is my last week tying for my customers. tomorrow i start my BC flies, it will be nice to have a change of flies to tie. 
 Above, a bucktail tie using Deercreek UV resin for the body and head. with Deercreek eyes,

 The two above, are as the top pattern. but with a white cock feather concave up on tail, 
 And above, a few more patterns, snakes/ waddingtons, tubes.
And above, a few more ties, this week have sent flies off to Chile / USA / Holland / Denmark / Ireland / Scotland / Norway / and the borders plus south of England.
 Above, some Kinermony killer flamethrowers. size 6/ 8 and 10.
 Close of one of the KK,

 And above, the Kinermony killer on a tube. set up with a single will be taking these to BC for sure,
 Above, a set for a local angler.hope you like them Clive, you will have them in the morning post.
 Toucan on a size 8 Deercreek double.
 Above, the Toucan on double & tube. this is another pattern i will be tying up for BC,
 A Kyley, tube 1" Ally.
And a waddington, Williegunn.

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