Friday, 3 June 2016

River Usk salmon and flies.

Well the sewin ( sea trout) season so far has been very slow, a few fish off the Abercothi beat on the river Towy i have been told of one of 15lb, plus sir Gareth Edwards having one of 11lb. and a few more to 8lb,i have had one of 6lb from the bathing pool beat, thats my only sewin so far this season. but i have only had two trips out for them, the fishing on the river Usk for salmon has be good for some. but i was out two days ago and had a bad day hooking two fish one of about 11lb and one about 25lb, lost the two fish what a blow. but below are some photos of other fish landed.      

 Above the fish in photo to Ken Evans, 21lb lovely clean fish.

The fish above range from 13lb to 16lb 8oz all lovely clean springers.

 Above some bass and sea trout flies, these were tied for a customer charlie to fish a river in France. 
 My Night intruder, hope the French sea trout like them.

 Above, the Alexandra tied on size 8 Partridge bomber hook, and above that same fly secret weapon stinger hook.

 Again for the French sea trout, the Towy allrounder again size 8, plus one with stinger.
 Some of my shrimp patterns, for the French sea trout and bass.
 Orange shrimp, close up.
 Natural color shrimp, close up.
 Pink intruder prawns, 25mm shank.
 Close up of prawn.
 A few black and blue snake flies.

 Above, close ups of the snakes, single and double hooks.
 A hand full of cascade zonker doubles, sizes 8, 10, 12 & 14s
 Above, a close up of a size 14 cascade.
 Above sone black doubles,
 Close up of double,
 Yellow & Orange salmon copper tubes, 1" and 3/4" long.
 close up of yellow and orange.
 Above, Williegunn tubes, 1" & 3/4" with lime green tag.
 1" lime green tag Williegunn copper tube.
 3/4" lime green tag Williegunn.
 Lime green tag Orange copper tubes,
 Close up of lime green tag, Williegunn.
 Squirrel blue and black doubles.
 Close up of squirrel blue and black double.

 Squirrel blue and silver waddingtons, 35mm shanks.
 Close up of waddington,
 Butcher tied on BMDs,
 Close up of Butcher.
 Squirrel blue and silver on BMDs,
 Close up of the SB&S BMD.
 Above Towy allrounders, great sea trout pattern.
 Above, Alexanders,
 Black and peacock sword, secret weapon.
 Black secret weapon,
 Black and peacock tubes, 11/2" , 11/4" and 1" Ally tubes, great sewin tubes.
 Black Ally tubes,
 Above, 35mm Waddington shanks.


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