Monday, 26 January 2015

Season is getting close, and anglers what there flies.

 Well the season is getting close, just cant wait to get back on the river Towy chasing the sewin ( sea run browns). there is nothing like fishing for these superb fish, there is one thing i have noticed this year. the number of anglers asking for intruder patterns for salmon and sewin , i have been using these for the last 3/4 seasons and they have fished very well for me. above two pattern my take on the willegunn and cascade,
 Above the GP intruder and orange and yellow.
 Above, GP intruder,
 Willliegunn intruder,
 Cascade intruder,
 Orange & yellow intruder.

 All the intruders i have tied up for sewin fishing,

 The two set above, tied on 25mm intruder shanks.
 Above and below, some of my wire snake intruders.

 Above, my intruder box is filling up slowly.
 Above my tube prawns,
 Close up of prawn,
 Above, some sewin secret weapons ,
 Black secret weapon,
 Red secret weapon,
 Orange secret weapon.
 Above a few singles, tied on Partridge bomber hook.
 Squirrel blue and silver.
 Bomber group above,
 A hand full of Partridge wadding shanks,
 Blue waddington,
 Orange waddington,
 Squirrel blue and silver waddington,
 Red waddington,
 Black waddington,
 Above, some needle flies, these are tied on sewing needles they make a very light fly for low water.
 Orange needle,
 Black needle,
 Black and purple needle,
 Orange needle,
 Black and blue needle,
 Some Medicine snakes above,
 Close up, of Medicine snake,.
 Above, Kinermony killer  tube,
 Close up of the killer,
 And above, some 11/4" tubes,
 Orange tube,
 Squirrel blue and silver tube,
 Red tube,
 Sunburst tube,
 Black tube,
These above are just a few that i have tied over the last 10 days, hope you like the pattern and up date. next up date will be the BFFI show. as i will be tying there again this year.

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