Monday, 3 November 2014

British Columbia WOW again.

Well i have just come back from our annual BC trip, and although we had high water fish were still taking our flies on the run. and with the high water there was a lot of fresh good size fish with sea lice, most of the fish were in the 17lb to 19lb with fish to 30lb plus. i fished for salmon 4days and landed 73 fish to about 25lb and 6 sturgeon to  just under 6 foot, i was down in numbers of salmon this trip. but as i said size was far better and as always Great river fishing team did use all proud ,

 This was my first fish of the trip, a super clean fresh chum salmon off the river Fraser.
 Malcolm and Dean with a chum off the river Harrison.
 Malcolm again with Davey one of our guides. serous man and know so much about the fishing in BC.
 Phil, with one of his many chum salmon. off the river Harrison.
 Above one of my many big chum salmon, on one of my intruder flies. it was far easier to take photos this way and let them go,  the first two days i was in the lead for numbers of fish, and it did not take long for others to suss that out so it was a free for all in my fly boxes.
 Above Malcolm with his best chum, a monster for sure. 
 A view down the river Harrison, what a fab river to fish.
 And up river,
 This area was up river on the Harrison, the are behind us was a serious area for bears. it was here that Sion ( Lewy) would not go ashore and fish in case a lovely bear came and take him away from us. but those of us who fished had some fine size salmon,
 Malcolm with Lee on Bear island,
 Malcolm landing a fish for lee.
 And the fish landed,
 This was going on all the time on bear island, double hook ups and there were four of us fishing here. and many times we had four hook the same time,
 A nice chum off bear island, these are the hardest fighting salmon species i have had. many times taking the full shooting head or skagit with running line and a 100 plus meters  of backing out with there runs.
 And when trying to take a photo, they would still bet you up.
 Lee, with a sockeye.
 Above, Sion ( Lewy) with a pink scarf on for losing his first fish. after wearing pink the salmon were all over him.
 Dean and Sion with a Harrison river chum.
 And another,
 And Sion, giving one a bit of stick. as i said these were very hard fighting fish.,

 There was plenty of wild life about,
 This was a rare bird on the river Fraser, 
 Lots feeding on fish.
 Here we go off to catch some sturgeon
 My first fish of the outting,
 Dean just loves seeing these small fish coming though,
 A nice fish for Lee,

Above, A nice fish for Sion,

 Nice fish for Sion,
 Double hook ups were also common when fishing for Sturgeon.
 Phil helping Steve on the right with a nice fish.
 Phil, with a good fish,
 Sion, serious there were bears in the airport, but he liked this one.
 This is a view down the Harrison river, what a place to have you office a. 

 The three photos above, out of my hotel window never got fedup of looking at the mountian views.
And a look at the pick up every morning, great setups. roll on next trip. missing the fishing all ready,

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