Thursday, 1 November 2012

British Columbia, WOW.

 Well what can i say, BC is the place to go. the country and fishing is just out of this world, and can't wait to get back there. the trip was with 12 angling mates and with Great river fishing adventures, there boats and guides are the best. and they work there butts off to get you what you want, as i said cant wait to get back there but next time for steelhead.
I will say, if you are up for a trip like this. give Dean a ring or email, he is the man to go with he and is guides work very hard. to make sure you have a trip of a like time, 
 The wild life was also out of this world, with as you can see bald eagles in the bay above. there was about 1000 of them feeding on fish, and on the river Pitt i also saw Bears and wolves. just amazing ,

 And as you can see, what a fabulous place to fish. just amazing country side. the above photos are on the river Harrison.
 I have never seen so many fish in a river systems, most were the Chum salmon.
 Chum again,
 Above, a sockeye salmon i had only about 20 /25 of these fish.

 Julian, with a good size Chum,
 John, with is first Chum, he loved the Harrison river.
 Bob, John's mate also with a good Chum.

 Above, myself play a chum salmon, it was the one in the photo above the photo of me playing it. they can go some,
 On the 2nd day, it was Sturgeon fishing. gawd i did not know what i had coming. we were on the river Fraser.
 In the photos above, we were passing fort Langley. thats were the white man, first meet the red Indian many years ago.
 Above, was my first sturgeon, and as you can see another one is being played. it was like that all week, total number of sturgeon was 105 fish. just mad hard fishing.
 Here's me playing my 2nd fish,
 And above the fish, a bit bigger.

 And then another bigger one, after this one i had to stop. five fish had done my back in, so i had a rest helping the other guys land the fish. and the then measure them and if they needed tagging, after a lot more fish it did slow down. so we moved off to the mouth of the river Pitt, there the guys were catching smaller fish in the 3 to 5 foot size. so after a bit thought i would have another go, my mistake the first bite i hit turned out to be the biggest fish of the day. all 71/2 foot of it,

 And above a few photos of it, it did take about 11/2 hours to land and did my back in for good no more fishing that day.
 Above our kit for the sturgeon fishing, great outfit these jet boats can go some.
 On the third day, we were fishing the river Fraser again, this time for salmon. above Malcolm with a fresh coho.

 Above a few smaller fish, top one a white fish and the other was a pike minnow.
 And me with a sea liced Chum,
 On the last day, three of us went to fish the river Pitt. for Coho. above running up to the river on Pitt lake,.
 Above looking at the mouth of the river Pitt.
 On our way up the Pitt,

 Above a few views of the river.
 And Julian, with a fish of about 7lb.
A fish going back, did take the photo with my canon D10, great for taking photos under water.
 Myself, with a fish of about 10/11lb
 And above some of the Coho we caught, just stunning fish and super fast fish when hooked. above john with the best fish about 16/17lb
Curtis, our guide pulling his boat out of the lake Pitt.cant wait to get back there,
 And when in Vancouver's airport, i saw this bit of water. what a fish tank,
 And above, the fish i will be after on my next trip, the steelhead.


  1. Hi Dai,

    Glad you and your mates had a great old time there Bud...It look's stunning...Tony

  2. Wow looks like a great trip. A 7 1/2' fish :) would be amazing to catch.

  3. Hi Tony and Chris, Yes it was a great trip, the country and the fishing.
    Just out of this world, cant wait to get back out there.
    Chris, That 71/2 foot Sturgeon was one hell of a fish, and by far my biggest fresh water fish.